Karthik Subbaraj red bannedSrinu Vytla has a peculiar style of making satires on film industry people in his movies. Remember the director hurting late music director Chakri in his ‘King’ movie with satirical character Jayasurya played by Brahmanandam? Now a Tamil director landed similar controversy. Here we have an example from a three film old director whose musing is likely to land him in big trouble.

The director we are talking about here is Karthik Subbaraj. He has made classic films such as Pizza and Jigarthanda in the past. The stature and making of those films has led many to anoint him as next Mani Ratnam in South film industry. Unlike the legendary director who took time before offending sentiments Karthik Subbaraj is hurting sentiments with his third film itself.

Subbaraj’s portrayal of producer in his films has offended many top producers so much so that they are contemplating at banning him altogether from making films. A red is reportedly going to be issued to him soon. One wonders if instead of controlling him this will further incite the filmmakers and act as inspiration for his future films.