VADACHENNAI-Teaser---DhanushVada Chennai makers finally took the first step towards releasing the film and set the most awaited teaser out. After watching the teaser, people were content for their wait turned worth. The teaser was an amalgam of performances.

Dhanush stood top with his performance and kept up the expectations. From the music run in the background, as the shots pass throwing light on the intense moments, to the play of the actors will make the viewer stick to the play with thrilling scenes. That was a brilliant cut and indeed a bewitching show. For the teaser opened a great talk, the expectations bar is all in heights now.

With Dhanush who will start the play as a carrom player in the lead role and Andrea Jeremiah, Ameer, Aishwarya among the vital characters, the film is slated to release this September hoping to be a blockbuster.