Vaastu Beaten Director Srinu Vaitla Shifts from New to Old HouseThough our filmmakers speak about progressive ideas and intelligent society through their films, when it comes to their personal lives, they look like the stereotypes of superstitions inflicted society. Director Srinu Vaitla‘s example is the best one from the recent past.

The director is going through a very low phase in his career. What’s the reason? It’s simple. The poor content and the scripts of the movies had been responsible for the flops of his recent releases after Mahesh Babu’s ‘Dookudu’. That’s the rationale behind the flops.

In an industry where superstitions reign like nothing, Srinu Vaitla has accorded his low phase to the Vaastu of his new house in Jubilee Hills. After ‘Dookudu’, he moved into a new posh bungalow. Since then, the director couldn’t score a decent hit.

With his last release ‘Mister’ also biting the dust, Srinu Vaitla and family moved into their old house in an apartment in Yosufguda. So, he went back to square one, right from the place he began. Hmm!