Vijay VarisuThere are often these films that perform well at the box office despite having weak content. There are several factors that come into play here like festival season, star hero pull, the audience craving for a big hero film, and others. So, these films end up doing well at the box office despite weak reviews.

This is exactly when fans start raising their collars, saying their hero came with a good film. They start setting aside the actual quality of the content of the film and use the commercial success as a yardstick.

One such latest film that perfectly fits this description is Vijay’s Varisu. The film received mixed-to-poor reviews but it performed well at the box office, mainly thanks to Sankranthi advantage.

But after the OTT debut, it is being thrashed by the larger section of the OTT audience, who are calling it a cringe fest. It has opened to poor reception on OTT. Certain sequences in the film are being shared on social media and they’re being wildly trolled by netizens.

The real worth of a film can be estimated after looking at the reception it gets on OTT and on TV. There will not be much festival advantage or star hero advantage here and the film will be judged on its merit.

If a film becomes a box office hit, it doesn’t entirely mean the content is good. There are other factors for commercial box office success, as mentioned above.

Fans often get confused with it and start heaping praises on their heroes after looking at box office credentials. If the heroes take this as a yardstick, the they too will be in trouble as luck and external factors won’t always go their way.