No-More-Dilemma,-Nani-Movie-Makers-Have-ConfirmationWill it come or will it not? This is has been like a haunting question for the makers of Nani‘s ‘V’ as the natural star’s fans have been pressurizing not for opting a direct OTT release and wait for a theatrical release.

Finally, Nani came out with a short video luring about the announcement of ‘V’ indicating that audiences are going to enjoy watching the movie in the home theatre. ‘V’ is Nani’s 25th film and fans wanted to wait for theatrical release.

Nani set the ground straight with his flow of words and made it look very natural that the movie is going for an OTT release. Indirectly, Nani said watching a movie on digital platforms comes with a perk that they can watch the movie again and again.

It’s unavoidable for the filmmakers as they can’t go on forever and ever holding the movie without the release. Anyway, the suspense is now revealed.