Ustaad Tag: Pawan Kalyan & Ram Fans Fight for TagAn unexpected fan war has started on social media between Pawan Kalyan fans and Ram Pothineni fans, after the title, Ustaad Bhagat Singh, was unveiled today morning.

It is a known fact that Ram Pothineni is hailed by his fans as Ustaad RaPo. Now, this Ustaad tag is used by Pawan Kalyan for his forthcoming film with Harish Shankar and this hasn’t gone well with Ram fans. They started trolling Pawan Kalyan for stealing their favorite star’s tag. Pawan Kalyan fans also jumped into the fan war to defend their idol.

It is such an irony that fans of such a huge star like Pawan Kalyan have to get into such silly fights with a small fanbase like Ram fans.

Powerstar fans also are not liking this fan war but are doing it to defend their star. They were already unhappy with Ustaad Bhagat Singh being a remake of the Tamil hit Theri. And now this unnecessary friction with Ram fans is only going to degrade their star on social media. They are cursing Harish Shankar for making this project happen.

A few days back they indulged themselves in a fan war with Ram Charan fans over the OG tag and now this fight for the Ustaad tag.

On the other hand, Ram fans are trending the #OneAndOnlyUstaadRAPO hashtag on Twitter and also requesting Harish Shankar to change the title.