Karthikeya-2-USA-Box-Office-CollectionsHanu Raghavpudi’s Sita Ramam is now a one-million dollar film at the US Box office. After the Sunday presales, the classic love story has entered the prestigious Million-Dollar club. After a disastrous spell in June and July, a non-star cast film grossing such huge collections was indeed a surprise.

Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara is also having a dream run at the US box office and has now crossed half a million mark in the US, making it a super hit in the overseas market.

Nikhil’s Karthikeya 2 has opened to great response at the US box office and has crossed $270K so far. The trade analysts are saying that Sunday will be again huge.

On the other hand, Macherla Niyojaka Varagam is an absolute disaster at the US box office. The two days total is around $60K and will wrap up below $100K.

Overall the scenario looks promising in the coming days as the abovementioned films still have a lot of steam left to earn at the US box office.