SA Box Office: Chi La Sow Ain't GoSA Box Office: Here, we are bringing you the figures of ‘Chi La Sow’ and ‘Goodachari’ until Saturday. While ‘Chi La Sow’ has collected $89,706 until Saturday, ‘Goodachari’ has grossed $316,802. The break-even figure for ‘Goodachari’ is $400 K. The hit talk from the opening shows did the magic for the thriller.

It’s very clear that ‘Goodachari‘ could have reached the break-even figure on Sunday and we are waiting for the final figures. But, ‘Chi La Sow’ is far behind to reach the break-even figure, i.e., $250 K. So, there are faint to no chances of reaching the break-even point for Sushanth’s movie directed by Rahul Ravindran.

Both films were said to be competitors before their releases. But, it turned out to be a one-way result, after the release. Next week on Wednesday, Nithin starrer ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ is coming to theatres in the US. So, it’s almost a close for ‘Chi La Sow‘ in the US.