Vakeel Saab US Box officeThe Telugu cinema is looking like it’s back to normal in the Telugu states. A few blockbusters here has set the tone. But, when it comes to the US, it is still a mystery. So far no biggies have released which is adding to the confusion.

For the first time, we are getting some clarity with the business of the upcoming Pawan Kalyan films.

Two of the upcoming films of Pawan Kalyan, PSPKRana and PSPK27 have been taken by the distributors. It is the price which has become a discussing point and pointing towards what could be new normal.

The first film, PSPKRana’ entire overseas rights are acquired for an amount of 9Cr. In comparison, Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Katamarayudu fetched over 10Cr. But, given the subject of PSPKRana, it seems a fair deal close to what it would be even before covid-19.

Similarly, the other Pawan Kalyan film, PSPK27 has been snapped for 15 Cr by Phars Films. However, it comes with many technicalities. The finer points involving the NRA, and the advance amount are where the devil lies.

However, the overall amount just in the face value is in the same zone as ultra biggies before covid-19. Agnyaathavaasi, for example, was grabbed for a record 18cr plus. But, it had the additional Trivikram factor.

And now, we hear talks going in about renegotiation of RRR US rights. It won’t be much of a difference, but only a few crores less.

Overall, the general feeling one gets is that of a careful approach unlike the Telugu states where the numbers quoted are new records. The idea seems to be on the lower side in case things don’t turn out as expected. It could be a fruitful deal if the movies click and the audience turns out. Let’s see what is the fate of these movies.