US President level security for Modi's wife

As Narendra Modi takes oath as 15th Prime Minister of the nation, his wife Jasodha Ben is being provided round the clock security by Special Protection Group (SPG) — an elite force modeled on the Secret Service that guards US presidents. SPG takes care of the security of Prime Minister and his immediate neighbors. Modi’s mother was also provided similar protection.

Jasodhaben lives in Brahmanvada, a little village of Gujarat along with her brother’s family. Modi and Jasodhaben were separated 45 years ago after they were married in the teenage. She was revealed as Modi’s wife after he revealed it in his affidavit filed in the recent elections. Since then she was swarmed by the constant media glare. Even in the position of Gujarat Chief Minister, Modi commanded severe terrorist threats. According to law, neither Modi nor his relatives can refuse the special protection they are entitled for.