US BO: Radhe Shyam Struggling For Two MillionRadhe Shyam has collected $332K on Saturday to take the total to $ 1.6M so far. The Saturday number should ideally be more than Friday. It then suggests a healthy trend for the movie. The present situation indicates Radhe Shyam might struggle to reach Two Million by the end of the first weekend.

The second day total ($ 1.6M) includes an updated first-day number to $ 1.3M from the previously reported $ 1.2M. Few unreported locations are added on the second day of reporting. Even two million might have looked like a struggle for the first week if it had not been the case.

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For a recent comparison, Bheemla Nayak has made $ 471K on the first Saturday. It wasn’t a big jump from Friday, but it indicated a good run ahead. But, a similar jump is missing when it comes to Radhe Shyam. In fact, it is the opposite as the numbers dropped a little. It is the ‘drop’ that signifies a potential struggle. Bheemla despite being a remake hit 2 Million mark on first Sunday.

The Sunday number will make it clear where Radhe Shyam is headed. If the breakeven number doing the rounds in trade is to be believed, it could be in for a considerable loss. We have to wait until Tuesday to draw a final conclusion. Watch this space as we update the latest US box office.

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