US-BO-Zero-Offers-–-Naa-Peru-Surya-On-Its-OwnSo, the very latest update regarding the US box office of Naa Peru Surya is that it won’t be having any offers. The usually available offers to the movie-going audience are not working for the US.

MoviePass which provided a significant boost to the Telugu movie lovers has recently updated its rules. It has made things difficult as there is no way to get it working in a way it helped the movie lovers previously. In simple terms, Naa Peru Surya is on its own worth. The content and the talk would be taking it forward from the premieres.

Naa Peru Surya is getting the most extensive release ever for Stylish Star Allu Arjun. If there is the right word of mouth, expect the numbers to spike very soon. Currently, Race Gurram at 1.39 Million is the top grosser for Bunny in the US.