us-bo-yatra-movie-the-wait-continuesAs we have reported previously, barring F2, the US box office is going through a rough phase. Not only are films failing, but many are also failing spectacularly.

The latest release Yatra, a different sort of biopic, too is not likely to bring any relief. It is being said so keeping the $1.2 Million number floating around for breakeven status. If that is true, then Yatra would struggle to go anywhere near it. Yatra has grossed $109 K so-far. If we keep that aside, for the kind of movie that Yatra is, it is dong decently. It has collected $37 K on Friday. The Saturday number would be crucial here though.

Yatra stars Mammootty in the lead. He has returned to Telugu cinema after a long gap of over two decades. His performance has got unanimous reception from the movie lovers and critics. Mahi V Raghav of Aanando Brahma fame directed the movie.