US BO: Vakeel Saab Opens, What Would Be A Good Number?And finally, the updates begin on the first biggest and most significant release of the year from the Telugu film industry in the US. It is none other than Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab. The question on everyone’ mind is what could be good, an ideal number for a start, i.e. the premieres.

The distributors of Vakeel Saab have begun on the right note. The pricing and the release chart for the movie are excellent. It is comfortable for a more significant number to watch the film.

Now coming to the point, given the pricing and the release, the premiere numbers would be low. When we say ‘low’, it is in comparison to the lofty standards of the star, Pawan Kalyan. He is, without any doubt, one of the biggest forces in the US market, if not the biggest. He holds the record for the highest premiere gross (non-Baahubali 2). But that was a different time.

Also, the US market has not fully opened. It will, however, be at its widest by the time Vakeel Saab arrives as more states are opening up screenings in the US. It gives Vakeel Saab a slightly better chance to have a higher total than what we have seen so far now.

Considering all the equations, anything between $350k to $400k would be a good premiere day number. Anything above, and it is not entirely ruled out, would be excellent. However, a clear picture would emerge as we get closer to the release. Currently, it is an estimation.

Vakeel Saab is sold for a reasonable price (in a combo deal with F3), considering its genre. It needs around 1.5M to enter the profit zone. So far, only Jathi Ratnalu has reached the Million with a premiere number of $121k. It will be excellent news for the upcoming biggies if Vakeel Saab goes past the milestone or even set a new benchmark. Watch this space for more updates on Powerstar’ crucial comeback.