Uppena Movie US BOX OFFICE CollectionsThe box office in Telugu states is coming back to normalcy sooner than expected. Right from the first release, post-corona lockdown to Uppena, it has gradually opened up. However, the same is not the case with the US. Uppena’s opening, however, has shown that the market is still viable and not all is lost.

Uppena on its opening day, including premieres, has collected $ 71K approximately. It might look low to the normal eye, but we look at the circumstances around it, the whole perspective changes.

Uppena had fewer premiere shows, and even they were started late. Many key areas in the US are still not open. And lastly, but more importantly, the occupancy for the screening is at a paltry 30-40% level. It is what is allowed officially at the moment in the US.

Given all these incredible scenarios and also the poor weather conditions, Uppena has done excellently. It is the best opener of the year among Telugu films surpassing Krack. In fact, Uppena is double it’s opening. Overall, considering all releases, it is second best only behind Master.

The good news, though, is that the movie is looking at a solid run at the box office for the weekend. Many shows are already booked. A healthy weekend number is assured, and it augurs well for the industry, in general, as well.