US BO: Khiladi off to Slow StartFrom day one, Ravi Teja was not happy with his film Khiladi. Firstly, he had remuneration issues and then had problems with director Ramesh Varma, who took a lot of time to complete the film. The result is there for us to see as Khiladi has started on a very dull note at the box office.

In the US, the film has made a gross of $29,903K on Thursday. This is a very slow and dull start for the action drama. Keeping the film’s budget and scale in mind, this is a very low opening one can say. In fact, the opening is the lowest for any hero in the range to which Ravi Teja belongs.

On the other hand, Ravi Teja does not have much of a market as none of his films have crossed 500K so far in the US. Ravi Teja’s biggest hit, Krack managed to only make 150K in the US which is quite low.

Things look quite tough for the film as there is already a negative buzz for the film and the reviews have also been bad. In such a time, we need to see how well the film hold in the US in the days to come. Satyanarayana Koneru produces this film which had music by DSP.