US-BO-Goodachari-Collections-Tops-Them-AllTo start with it looked like there may equality or sorts with one films catching up the other eventually. However, based on the first day it seems clear that that might not happen and one will emerge as victorious.

Goodachari, the spy thriller starring Adivi Sesh has topped the new releases. Chi La Sow was seen as competition, but that has not happened even though it is also collecting decently. The third one Brand Babu is a non-starter. Goodachari has collected $158K including the premieres whereas Chi La Sow is at $51K. The gap is only going to widen further in the coming days.

The most astonishing detail here is that Goodachari has crossed the previous best of Adivi Sesh on day one itself. Kshanam was the previous best of the actor at around $138K. With multiple movies slated to release ahead, it will be interesting to see when Goodachari crosses the $500K mark.