US-BO-Break-Even-Point-for-Goodachari-&-Chi-La-SowTwo potential films ‘Goodachari‘ and ‘Chi La Sow’ are releasing on the same day and they have to collect over $400 K and $250K respectively, to reach the breakeven price zone in the US. The break-even figures look quite reasonable and those figures aren’t something impossible.

Though the prices of the tickets for both the films were priced under $12, movie pass was enabled only for ‘Chi La Sow’. This will definitely help Sushanth’s movie to some extent initially but the back door way of using the movie pass for any Telugu movie that isn’t enabled on the movie pass is still an option as it has been happening for the films that weren’t enabled in Movie Pass.

So, the early talk is very crucial for both the films and that will decide which movie is going to take over. The emerging talk from the opening shows will decide the winner between the two. We’ll be bringing the live update of both the films from the US premieres. Stay connected with us for the early talk on the above-said movies.