US BO: Big Opportunity Wasted!We had previously reported how the Telugu Film industry is struggling to get big hits in the Telugu states despite multiple releases. Well, at least there are small to mid-level successes there; the situation is far worse in the US. And nothing highlights it more than the ongoing weekend.

It is a long weekend in the US right now. If one were to put in Telugu states perspective, it is extended holiday weekend. Usually, when you have such a slot, films clamour to come at that time. It should have been the case with the US. Unfortunately, a huge opportunity to bounce back is wasted.

The films in cinemas this weekend from Telugu are Nootokka Jillala Andagadu and Dear Megha. The former is alright, but it is still a far low key venture for the US audience to come out. The latter is a non-starter, to begin with.

The lack of noticeable films is dampening the spirits of the US audience. Imagine a movie like Raja Raja Chora coming in the long weekend. With its positive rating and overall appreciation, it would have collected more. A film of this type would have worked wonders and helped revive the almost dead market.

The movie-going audience, in general, is slowly coming out in the US. The recently released Hollywood superhero flick, Shang Chi, has opened to excellent response. However, it is not something that caters to the Telugu audience. They are ready to come out, but the lack of ‘right’ films keeps them away.

As of now, Love Story looks like the only film that could do wonders at the US box office. All eyes are on it, but the makers are not able to decide a date due to external factors. We hope things are sorted soon, and the US box office too sees some positive activity in the weeks ahead.