US: Ante Sundaraniki Makes First Right MoveNani‘s Ante Sundaraniki is up for theatrical release on the 10th of June. The promising trailer has set the right stage for the film. Meanwhile, the USA distributor has made the first right move in regard to Ante Sundaraniki’s premieres.

Team Ante Sundaraniki has opted to go for early USA premieres. This is a very good move, given the fact that the Nani starrer is an urbane clean comedy entertainer, a genre that traditionally attracts the Telugu crowd in the USA. It is better suited to attract the USA audience.

If Ante Sundaraniki gets a super positive response from the early premieres, it will not just boost the premieres tally but also give the film’s box office run some impetus in India as well.

Ante Sundaraniki is one of the more promising films from Nani in recent times. Getting the momentum from the early USA premieres could work very well for the film, with the good talk being the important factor here.