The past few weeks have been the season of launches and new looks being released. Even Hrithik Roshan fans were part of this celebration when the first teaser of their stars upcoming film Bang Bang was released. They were overjoyed with the tease and response it got resonated with their joy. Ever since then everyone else have moved onto new set of footage but the makers of Bang Bang much to the disappointment of Hrithik fans released nothing.

The fans have been repeatedly coxing the makers to give something and the makers have been non responsive up until today. Finally the production house revealed a new image which is reportedly from the trailer of a new song that is going to be released soon. Fans heaved a sigh of relief as at last they got some thing fresh from the movie to look forward. The song is called ‘Tu Meri’ and it will be released on August 22.

Bang Bang is slated to release on October 2 and it has a competition to deal with in the form of Shahid Kapoor starrer Haider. This is the reason why the fans are anxious with lazy promotion of the production house so far.