Uppena USAThere were three Sankranthi movies, and one before that for Christmas, but none were exciting to the US audience to make a movie. It is why a Tamil movie scored over them easily. Finally, in Uppena, the US market will have the first test.

Uppena stars newcomers, but, is backed by big names. Not only are the makers, but the distributors too carry a reputation of bringing ‘good’ movies. It is why the trade will keenly follow Uppena’s performance.

A love story with entertainment is a no brainer for the US audience. However, Uppena comes with the difference of a realistic take. It is the current trend, though as the audience are moving away from the over the top dramas.

Uppena has got a terrific release across the US. If the movie gets the right word of mouth, it would be interesting to see its performance. It will be a precursor of sorts for the biggies that are lined up ahead.

Uppena stars Vaisshnav Tej and Krithi Shetty in the lead. Bucchi Babu Sana directs the movie. They are all first-timers working on the love story.

Devi Sri Prasad has given blockbuster music which has helped Uppena tremendously in gaining buzz among the targeted audience. Mythri Movie Makers produce the flick. Uppena hits screens all over on February 12th. The timing for the Valentine Weekend couldn’t have been better.

Watch this space as the movie begins its premiere in the US in a few hours from now.