Uppena-Girl-Stealing-Hearts-Even-Before-Debut-ShowVaishnav Tej’s launch movie ‘Uppena‘ is all set to come to the theatres on 12th February and mega fans are waiting to see how the hero fares at the box-office. Even before the movie’s release, the heroine of the movie, Kriti Shetty has garnered enough attention.

She is already part of two movies with Nani for ‘Shyam Singham Roy’ and Sudheer Babu’s movie with director Mohankrishna Indraganti, two upcoming projects. Besides those projects, other filmmakers are waiting to see the result of ‘Uppena’.

Looks like, she is getting good projects even before her debut movie’s release and people are liking her. Once the movie is in the theatres, if the subject proves to be up to the mark, there might be no stopping for the heroine as well.

Love stories necessarily give big scope for the heroines alongside the male lead in the movie. So, the girl who is already in the good books of several filmmakers might end up with more enviable projects, very soon.