#Dhak-Dhak-Dhak--Uppena-Movie---Panja-VaishnavTejThere is a talk that ‘Uppena‘ director Buchi Babu yelled at the hero while they were shooting in Kakinada and when asked about that, Vaishnav Tej candidly revealed that the director had a big responsibility on his shoulders and therefore, he used to take everything seriously.

But, despite the pressure he had to take to live up to the trust the producers, the director never shouted at the hero or the rest of the cast contrary to the rumours that spread about him. Buchi Babu was more worried because of the freedom Mythri Movie Makers gave him to spend accordingly.

Coming to the pre-release event, Sai Dharam Tej absence at the event was quite conspicuous. There is a talk that he might have skipped the event to avoid the nepotism tag as Vaishnav Tej is the 12th actor in the mega family coming into the film industry.

Keeping the other things aside, talking about ‘Uppena’ pre-release buzz, it has been carrying a dream hype any debutante would dream of. The movie is coming to the theatres near us on 12th February.