Uppena Breaks Records – Check Out Tier Two, Debut All-Time Top 3The opening day collections of Uppena are sensational. We have already updated the numbers previously. It has collected over 9 Cr in the Telugu states. The worldwide number is above 10Cr. What it means is that there is a shake-up at the top in the tier two standings.

When it comes to Telugu states, it is by far the biggest opening day for a tier two star. Uppena is the first movie to collect over 8Cr and 9Cr. The previous best is Ram’s, Ismart Shankar. Nani’s Middle Class Abbayi rounds up the top three now.

The top 3 opening day collection in the Telugu states for tier two stars are as follows.

1. Uppena – 9.3 Cr

2. Ismart Shankar – 7.6 Cr

3. Middle Class Abbayi – 7.5 Cr

The worldwide number is also fantastic but is not as big a record-breaking for Uppena as it is in the Telugu states. It shares the record for the best opening day worldwide with Vijay Deverakonda or could be slightly less. The lack of big numbers from the US is the main reason. It is due to the current pandemic situation over there.

The top 3 opening day collections for tier two stars worldwide are as follows.

1. Dear Comrade – 10.45 Cr

2. Uppena – 10.43 Cr

3. Middle Class Abbayi – 9.90 Cr

And finally, we have to talk about the debut heroes. Uppena is now a new record. As we previously reported, the trade had predicted Uppena to come close, but it has gone past the record by a significant margin.

Here are the top 3 opening day collections for a debut hero in Telugu states. I

1. Uppena – 9.3 Cr

2. Akhil – 7.52 Cr

3. Chirutha – 4.1 Cr

The next thing to look forward would be the first-week record. Uppena has a very high chance of reaching that mark looking at how it has opened on the second day.

Once the weekend is done, we will get clarity on the final run. Uppena, in all probability, is looking at creating a new record for the lifetime collections for a debut hero in Telugu film industry.