Rahul Ramakrishna, Only Telugu Actor to Voice Frank Opinion on the EncounterRahul Ramakrishna is one comedian who made a mark for himself in the Telugu film industry in a very short time. The actor only did a few films but carved a niche for himself with the audience. Rahul is also one of the very active film celebrities on the microblogging site, Twitter.

Moreover, the good thing about his Twitter stint is that he does not shy away from speaking his mind. The other day, some miscreants had sharpest criticism (We may call it as abuse) for the actor’s looks. Usually, Celebrities ignore such messages or in the worst case, give a strong retort.

But Rahul Ramakrishna did neither. He decided to give it back by taking the abuse on his chin. He went on to say that he is delighted to be compared with the honest working-class citizen of the country. Probably, a reverse abuse would not even hurt the man as much as this.

Social Media is showering praises on the humility of the upcoming comedian in this episode.