Ram charan UpasanaRecently mega hero Ram Charan has turned vegan for his upcoming movie ‘Dhruva’. The main reason is, he wanted to detox his body and refresh himself by going vegan. If that is not enough, his wife Upasana set him one toughest task.

Yes, Ram Charan is now on a digital detox as per the wish of his wife Upasana. That means, he wouldn’t be using any digital or electronics appliances at all during the period of digital detox. That means using no cell phones either. Without doubt, this is going to be very tough for a star hero who needs to be in communication for his work commitments.

This isn’t going to be once for all. Upasana would be taking Ram Charan on a digital detox vacation every year for some days. Presently, it has been two weeks since Ram Charan and Upasana have been following digital detox and it may continue for some more days.