Upasana Reveals Why She Calls Ram Charan As Mr.C!Ram Charan is a celebrated actor and fans call him Mega Powerstar. However, his entrepreneur wife Upasana often addresses him ‘Mr. C’. In her social media post or in interviews, we have seen how affectionately she dubs Charan as ‘Mr. C’.

Upasana has now opened up about this in an interview. When quizzed about the reason behind addressing Charan as Mr. C, she blushes out but doesn’t divulge the actual reason. However, she dubs it as very close to her heart as she calls him lovingly.

Upasana recently also cleared the air on having children. The couple like any others want to bring someone special into this world, but at the right time. Bringing up a child as a 20-year project, Upasana says they would have it at the right time with proper knowledge and not raise them half-heartedly.

She also credits her mother-in-law Surekha for teaching her to accompany Ram Charan on shoots. “The shoots are very hectic and as a friend or give him some company by being with him at shoots is a great idea,” she says.

On the work front, Ram Charan will be seen in RRR. The actor also ended the speculations around RC15 by posting a picture along with Shankar and Dil Raju.