Upasana's Love Tips On Valentine's Day!With Valentine’s Day here, celebrities are busy posting loved-up pictures and endearing messages to their special ones. Ram Charan’s wife Upasana has come up with a video post where she spoke about the importance of being in love and shared some tips to make a relationship work.

Her Twitter caption reads, “Falling in love can be easy, but staying in love might not be a walk in the park. Here’s our secret to a lifetime of happiness?”

The entrepreneur says that marriage is like good health where one has to keep working on it to make it successful. “It doesn’t happen overnight and when has to work on it, else it is not going to work out,” says Upasana.

She further adds that one needs to have a routine by spending time with one another. “Marriages are not made in heaven, but two individuals who work hard to make their relationship work,” says Upasana.

She ends on a note saying that acceptance with respect and unconditional love in a marriage is the best part.