Upasana-Konidela-Living-Sai-Pallavi's-Fidaa'-MomentsGiven the mega daughter-in-law, Upasana Konidela’s stature and her roots belonging to a royal family, one would least expect her to be holding cow dung in her hands for composting, watching the cattle eat their fodder along with their calves etc.

This reminds us of Sai Pallavi’s moments in ‘Fidaa’ when she says, “Chematala patte ammaailanu nuvveda chusuntavle”, literally translating to “It’s unexpected that you would have seen a girl full of sweat because of agricultural work.”

This dialogue takes us straight to Upasana Konidela’s caption on photos, ‘Gobar Girl with Dad – the Modern Day Farmer’. She has been learning organic farming, composting and how to reduce/reuse the food waste and the beauty of adapting sustainable lifestyle.

Previously, she didn’t shy away from showing the importance of the position of using Indian toilets and now this side of her. This simplicity of the mega daughter-in-law always showing her unique character to embrace whatever she believes has made her the pride of the mega family.