Upasana-Konidela-Wearing-Clothes-from-Scrap!A couple of days ago, cute Nitya Menen was talking about using second-hand clothes for sustainability who gave away her custom-made dress for an auction. Presently, Upasana Konidela came up with a new idea about clothes.

She posted an adorable photograph of herself sporting a beautiful white dress that’s totally made from scrap aka textile scraps and defected condoms. How could one use defected condoms for something like this?

The white organza top is made from textile scraps and rejects from local designers and the custom latex skirt was made from defected condoms. Maybe, she is one of those gutsy ladies who doesn’t shy away from telling the truth.

We salute Upasana Konidela for sharing this idea without a bit of fake dignity. In her words, ‘Sustainable fashion is future’. We agree.