Up Next: Best Of Balakrishna In Films & Politics?Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Unstoppable with NBK is a sensation already with the star rocking the show with tremendous ease and comedy timing. Everyone is surprised with this angle of Balakrishna while all we know is him being hot-headed always.

The other day, Aha Video released the promo of the next episode with Vijay Deverakonda and the Liger team. We have seen stars like NTR, Nagarjuna, and Chiranjeevi host TV shows. We have seen them rigid wearing blazers and formals.

But Balakrishna shred all the inhibitions. In this episode, we see him wearing the traditional Panchakattu. He just effortlessly take the Pancha up and challenge Vijay Deverakonda for and buy like a mass hero he always is.

That is the best part of Balakrishna in Unstoppable. There is no ‘I am Star’ kind of feeling and does everything what we expect from the host of a talkshow. This can be a potential gamechanger for Balakrishna at this stage of career and also in politics.

It can easily change the image of him in the people. We have seen how some sections of audience who are known for not watching Balakrishna’s films come for Akhanda.

With this kind of ‘zero ego’ image and the kind of service he is doing with Basavatarakam, probably we will see the best of Balakrishna in the coming days in films and politics.