Unwarranted Comments, Producer Asks For ApologyYoung Producer Suryadevara Naga Vamsi is a buzzing name in the industry for one reason or another right from DJ Tillu Trailer launch event. Every action of him is under scrutiny these days with the success of DJ Tillu and with Bheemla Nayak coming up.

The Producer goes free-flowing in public interactions. Earlier when asked about Bheemla Nayak release, he very casually said ‘Ask Jagan garu’. He also got into soup at a success event of DJ Tillu. He casually referred audience as ‘Aadu’ and said audience will not bother much when he gets his money’s worth.

Social media has found this disrespectful and is after the young man. So as not to extend the issue further, he tendered an apology. “Referring audience in Singular is just because of the brotherly feeling. There is no malice or disrespect intended otherwise. Audience are our strength and we have highest regards for them,” Vamsi released a note.

Though not intentionally, with big projects under his belt, Naga Vamsi will be in constant scrutiny of the media and social media. So he has to tread carefully. Probably, he already got the message.