NTR RRR Isreal News PaperRRR’s success is something to be proud of for Tollywood, but it also gave rise to one of the filthiest online fan wars between NTR and Mega fans. The fight is still going on for who deserves the most credit for RRR’s success.

Recently, there has been an article in the newspapers of Israel that has praised RRR and specifically NTR for his rousing performance as Komaram Bheemudu in the film.

The article also featured some images of NTR from the film, one of them being the climax scene where he is throwing a bike at a British soldier.

NTR fans are on cloud nine reading this article and are sharing it on various social media platforms.

Recently there have been many articles and posts on social media about how the non-Indian audience is enjoying RRR. Keeping fan wars aside, every Tollywood fan must enjoy taking pride in the phenomenon called RRR.