Vijay-Deverakonda-Akhil-AkkineniFor the past few days, it has been noticed that Akkineni Akhil fans are targetting Vijay Deverakonda on social media. Akhil is coming up with a stylish spy thriller, Agent, while Deverakonda is looking to set the screens on fire with the boxing drama Liger.

As both the films have an action backdrop and have a slick feel about them, maybe both the fan clubs are trying to get even with each other.

Akhil fans are saying that people will forget getting excited by Vijay Deverakonda’s dance in the Akdi Pakdi song of Liger when Akhil would unleash his dancing skills in the songs of Agent.

But one must say that it is an unreasonable comparison. Vijay is miles ahead of Akhil in terms of acting or stardom. Akhil still has to prove himself as a performer and not just a good dancer.

If Liger doesn’t perform up to the expectations and Agent turns out to be a groundbreaking hit, even then, Vijay will be ahead of Akhil as one film won’t change the equation.

Deverakonda has to consolidate his place as a pan-India star after Liger, and Akhil has to register his first hit (solo) with Agent and start his success journey. Both are fighting different battles, so it is unfair to compare them at this point in their career.