SS-Rajamouli-RRRRajamouli entered the global arena with RRR. The film is a raging hit in the west and the western folks have been showing him with praises ever since RRR’s OTT debut in Netflix. This unexpected worldwide fame just adds to the pressure on Rajamouli as he has a larger section of the audience to cater to.

When asked about the enormous burden of having to cater to a wide section of the audience, Rajamouli gave a very calculated response.

“What I should essentially focus on is bettering myself. I have a particular style of narration and storytelling. Just because I got appreciation from the west, I can’t make my next film with those sensibilities in mind. I will have to stick to my style of storytelling and possibly better it,” Rajamouli said.

The star filmmaker added that “I would be traveling on two boats at once if I make my next fiml with the western mindset in mind. So, I would like to stick to the trade I am good at. It is quite nice to see the appreciation from the west though,” Rajamouli said.

Well, all the western hype clearly hasn’t gotten into Rajamouli’s head and he has the clarity to stay rooted. The idea is to make the West fall in love with his filmmaking and not the other way around.