Rashmika MandannaRashmika Mandanna is in a mixed state of mind these days. Her latest films Varisu and Mission Majnu have done ok on their respective platforms.

While one would assume she is in an extremely happy space, Rashmika vented out her frustration during a popular talk show for still being targeted by online trolls, for no fault of hers.

To quote her, she said, “If I work out, I look masculine, if I don’t, I am fat. If I talk too much, then I am labeled cringe, if I don’t talk, then I have an attitude. If I breathe, then it’s a problem, if I don’t it’s a problem. It is better if they say what they want. If they spell out things, I can do something about it. But the language they use while trolling and some phrases really affect the mental health of some of us.” She said she feels like quitting the industry for good at times.

It’s so hard in the industry for an actress to survive facing such online abuse day in and day out. Forget heroes, any heroine also hasn’t got such hate on social media in recent memory. And most of the time she tries her best to put up a strong face.

It can be so painful and affect her mental health. She might feel so heartbroken and realize that it’s not worth it at all.

Rashmika should understand these online trolls are mostly chauvinistic cowards who stoop down to the level of making personal comments. However, we hope she remains strong and concentrates on her work, and go about grabbing bigger and better projects in days to come.