Unmatchable Euphoria for Pawan Kalyan's Select Release Pawan Kalyan‘s euphoria has been unmatchable. But, when we go back three years his last release ‘Agnyathavaasi’ was in 2018 and that means, it has been more than three years that there was no other release from the Power Star.

Today, when the theatrical trailer of ‘Vakeel Saab‘ was released in select theatres for the fans who are allowed for free, the attendance of the fans and their craze is nothing less than any euphoria. Look at the pic and you watch the euphoria for yourselves.

If this is the case with the theatrical trailer, one can imagine how it would be when the movie hits the theatres on 9th April 2021. Pawan Kalyan has been active in the political arena but, didn’t stop doing moves though the gap between his releases is big.

Nonetheless, his star power is intact defying the proverb, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. So, ‘Vakeel Saab’ will get the due attention no matter that the power star isn’t promoting it. It’s his name doing the trick as always was the case with his previous movies, as well.