Unique Twisty Sneak Peek Reveals Introvert Sharwanand A couple of weeks ago, the concept poster of Sharwanand’s 30th film, along with its title, was out. It is called Oke Okka Jeevitham. Today, the makers have come out with a unique sneak peek into the world of Oke Oka Jeevitham.

Does Oke Okka Jeevitham comprises time travel, or is sci-fi involved in any capacity? It is the curiosity that is generated with the sneak peek. The past and the present play an essential role in the narrative. It is clear from the title reveal concept poster and the world of Aadhi, character essayed by Sharwanand. But, does it involve ‘time-travel’ needs to be seen.

Even if Oke Okka Jeevitham doesn’t have any such thing, it will undoubtedly delve deep into the nostalgia theme invoking the past. Subjects on similar lines taking us back in time are becoming very frequent in recent years. It is a trend globally, and the South Indian makers too are making its use. It will be exciting to see Sharwanand do a film on that line.

Check out the video below. Shree Karthick directs Oke Okka Jeevitham. It stars Ritu Varma as the female lead. Senior actress Amala Akkineni plays a crucial role. Jakes Bejoy of Taxiwala fame provides the music. Dream Warrior Pictures is making its Telugu debut with the unique entertainer.