Ungarala Rambabu -'We Kept It Secret for Shock Value in Theater' - Sunil“There is a hidden social message and a lot of intensity in my characterization and Prakash Raj’s characterization. So, we didn’t show anything in the trailer and kept it as a secret for the shock value in the Theater,” said Sunil while talking why he accepted this story.

Directed Kranthi Madhav told him three stories and all of them had this hidden social messages. The other two stories were above his stature. So, he needs to grow in his career to take up those stories. Therefore, Sunil chose this movie ‘Ungarala Rambabu’ which he thinks is apt for him.

Sunil is in the worst phase of his career with nothing working for him in the recent past. Hope the shock value about which he was speaking helps him and Kranthi Madhav’s sensitive and sensible theme will come handy for him, for this movie. We didn’t get to see Kranthi Madhav’s sensitive and intense stuff in the trailer.