Unexpected Twist To Rajamouli-Mahesh Dubai TripThe other day, SS Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu were seen boarding a flight to Dubai. This naturally led to speculations that the duo, which is set to come together for SSMB29 left to Dubai for story discussions.

But as it turns out, Mahesh and Rajamouli aren’t necessarily on this trip for professional reasons, but it is rather a family trip. A short while ago, Mahesh’s wife Namrata shared a video which confirms they are leaving to Paris.

If the story discussion is the focal point of the trip, Mahesh and Rajamouli would have stayed at Dubai for a few days and worked on the storyline, rather than traveling around.

Moreover, it is too early for Mahesh and Rajamouli to discuss the story and script. Mahesh will have to wrap up Trivikram’s SSMB28 before working with Rajamouli. It will be at least 6 month before Mahesh turns available for Rajamouli’s film.

Also, Rajamouli is just about done with RRR and he will need more time to refocus on SSMB29. So, as it appears, this family trip is just for ‘bonding’ purpose rather than a professional one.