Bhumika Chawla - Royal EnfieldMy goodness, that is so not something that you see every day. It’s Bhumika in shorts showing off her toned thighs and curves of her body lying still on the bullet. The picture is apparently from 2009 as the actress wrote posting the picture but why all of a sudden the senior actress trying to put on the skin show at this age?

Well, everybody is puzzled and have the same question, “Why now?” Bhumika has been sexier back then when she was doing the lead roles but never did she used the skin show like this not the films or the social media. Of course, social media was not this big back then.

But the point is, she didn’t do it when actually could do and now she is only doing character roles and now there is no point or use in showing off like that.

If she has anything in mind about to be seen in such sexy roles now, it is of course too late as she is already 41 now and it is indeed hard to accept her doing any sort of such times now. Or maybe it is not the purpose of expecting hot roles, probably the lady is caught up with some social media fever and is digging up some best of hers to share with her fans. Whatever it is people are left perplexed with this post of Bhumika.