Yash---Radhika-Pandit-TrolledKGF hero Yash and Radhika Pandit announced the good news of being pregnant with their second child with great joy in a specialized video featuring Ayra. Fans joined the celebrity couple in sharing the joy but unexpected negativity is shadowing them all of a sudden.

People on social media reacted mixed ways for the news while some congratulated the couple and most of them criticized their so-called “stupid” act of the celebrity couple saying they are sending out a wrong message to their fans. The argument is that it is too early for Radhika who has not yet recovered a delivery quoting it unhealthy and uneducated decision to make.

Some even suggested the followers of Yash not to get inspired saying it is not healthy to conceive before 18 months after delivery. The couple gave the news out with super excitement saying Ayra’s father has super speed in having baby number two, which also the people found an inappropriate way to announce a pregnancy.

Well, one would have their own reasons for any decision and this one that Yash and his wife made wound also have been a tough one. But you know, everything is a controversy now and celebrities do nothing but ignore them. Let’s see how Yash handles this situation.