Rajamouli_RRR_USARRR is a fruitful film for everyone involved. It reaped profits to the buyers, Rajamouli followed up epic Baahubali with another box office winner, and the lead stars NTR and Ram Charan delivered winning performances, and also won pan-India fame.

But that’s not all of it. Rajamouli has received an unexpected bonus with RRR and that is international acclaim.

Interestingly enough, RRR has won international acclaim. Many USA folks, reviewers, and commoners alike have been tweeting about RRR and the man behind the magnum opus, RRR. They are heaping praises on the film.

A special screening of RRR will be held at 100 screens in the USA on June 1st and this mega event is expected to pull the white folks to theatres in big numbers.

Even Rajamouli wouldn’t have anticipated such acclaim from the USA folks and he sure would be a delighted man now.