Underlying Message From NTR & CharanJr NTR and Ram Charan shot to worldwide fame with RRR. The kind of rampage this film incurred in the Western OTT space is undeniable and more importantly, unprecedented.

Now, Tarak and Charan are dropping an underlying message to their contemporaries. They are leading the way in terms of promotional campaigns.

Months after RRR’s worldwide release, it released in Japan on the 21st of October. Comparatively, the Japanese market is a very vague one for Telugu films. But that didn’t stop Tarak and Charan from aggressively promoting the film here by taking ample time for the same.

This should further boost RRR’s Oscar campaign which is getting underway with the film enrolling under general category.

Tarak and Charan are going super aggressive when it comes to the promotions and maybe this is an underlying message from them to their contemporaries.

Every elite league hero should focus on promoting their films to the best of their abilities. This will not just the box office prospects of their films but also their own personal images, like the way Tarak and Charan have boosted their’s with RRR.