bajirao mastani crossed dilwale collectionsIt was billed as one of the biggest box office clashes of the past two years with two teams not budging down in any aspect. Finally we have a winner and it’s the underdog film Bajirao Mastani.

Apart from the collections aspect another thing that is a clear giveaway is the team behavior post the release of the film. While Bajirao Mastani team has maintained calm and are being understated Dilwale unit is struggling hard to come up with reasons for the way the film has performed.

In fact a statement given yesterday by director Rohit Shetty is making them come across as sore losers. He has said that ban has affected the collections of his movie rather than the one in competition. The truth is banning of the film was of miniscule effect to the overall performance. If this way continues Dilwale is going to get hurt more in the coming days as well.