Kick-Those-Cheap-Guys-Who-Are-Pulling-'Falaknuma-Das'-BackFalaknuma Das‘ was unanimously rated as a poor film not only by the critics but also the audiences. The collections clearly show us the fate of the movie. Despite the poor talk, the hero cum director Vishwak Sen says that his film is going to be a massive hit.

He claims to have heard great things about his movie while the movie has made just $ 50 K in the US making it is obvious that the movie is heading towards being a disaster. It may not even recover the expenses.

Nonetheless, Vishwak Send calls those guys ‘cheap’ and trying to pull him back. But, the situation is different. He tried to garner good attention imitating Vijay Deverakonda’s language and body language.

The trailer got good attention but he failed to impress when the movie came before the audiences. His reaction to the people who are talking negative on the film isn’t going to improve the collections of the movie that didn’t impress the audiences.