ulaganayagan-kamal-haasan--gautam-dalai-lamaKamal Haasan is a true atheist. Though he isn’t inclined towards spirituality, Kamal Haasan has great regard for Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy of non-violence. When he recently met Tibet spiritual leader Dalai Lama, the only fact that was holding the duo who are poles apart is Gandhiji’s Ahinsa.

During a brief chat with the spiritual leader, Kamal promised that he will soon work towards their common faith i.e., Ahinsa. Dalai Lama too expressed the same and hoped that Kamal uses his craft to spread the great philosophy India offered to the world ‘Non Violence’.

When Dalai Lama was in Chennai to address on the topic ‘Human Approach to World Peace’ at IIT Madras, the universal star along with his live-in partner Gouthami met the spiritual leader. Kamal says he is an admirer of Dalai Lama like he is a great admirer of Gandhiji though he isn’t personally inclined to spirituality like Dalai Lama and Gandhiji.