In any controversy, when the two sides are unwilling to compromise or come to a decent understanding, then most likely the situation may end up very ugly and insensible. The controversy on Deepika Padukone sporting outfits exposing her cleavage seemed to a simple one at the begining. When one of the media houses particularly published photos of Deepika targetting her revealing dresses, the actress fired back.

Deepika retorted saying that since she is a woman she has breasts, hence has got cleavage and hence she has all right to flaunt. The situation got murkier day by day when Deepika wrote an open letter questioning, if the so called persons who are defending themselves and insulting her would zoom their lens on men’s groin and publicize. The media house hit back on Deepika that they didn’t zoom in their cameras on her genitals. Infact they used derogatory words on Deepika.

Deepika is getting a lot of support from netizens and many celebrities, not only from cine industry but also from all walks of life. But dragging the issue to the extent of making things dirtier and more uglier in not good anyway. People are watching everything and public aren’t fools. Hence it is good for both sides not to stretch anything beyond repair.