Uday-Kiran’s-father-about-sWhile Uday Kiran’s death spread as a wildfire through out the state since the last night, the actor’s father Murthy did not came to know about his death few minutes ago. Uday’s father revealed that there is a financial dispute between him and his son and they parted their ways from the last few years. Uday reportedly suspected his father of misusing his property, so he kept his father in distance.

Mr.Murthy also added that he did not have any hint about the reasons behind the suicide as he is away from his son for a long time. “I do not think he is a coward to commit suicide. Also financial aspects may not be a reason as he earned well”, he said to the media. Mr.Murthy also claimed that he is not informed of his marriage either and do not know anything of his daughter-in-law or their family. Speaking to media, RP Patnaik, Uday Kiran’s first music director revealed that he is disturbed with his mother’s death and his father marrying for the second time.

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